Feed Nutrition Services:

ATYAB FOODTECH has an unrivalled combination of experts in various aspects of quality animal protein, production and processing value chain.

Atyab Foodtech's expertise is in the following area of animal protein industry:

1. Animal Nutrition
2. Animal Health
3. Farm management
4. Feed milling
5. Onsite trouble shooting
6. Scientific trials
7. Selling process & Marketing

With the unique setup of multiple discipline experts , Atyab Foodtech is equipped to provide Techno-commercial services primarily for optimised quality nutrition , better animal health , animal farming , animal production systems , milk & meat processing and create practical marketing strategies.

Apart from the nutritional technical services and integrity, we do market the following feed ingredients and feed additives.

  • Cereal Grains like Maize, Sorghum, Bajra , Ragi , other millets.
  • Vegetable Protein raw materials like Soya meal, Sunflower meal , Cottonseed meal , Guar meal, Maize Gluten , wheat Gluten , Rice Gluten .
  • Animal protein sources like Fish meal, Meat & Bone meal etc.
  • Filler Raw materials like Wheat Bran, Rice Bran , Maize Bran, Rice Husk Alfalfa Meal etc.
  • All kinds of Synthetic amino acids like DL Methionine, Lysine, Threonine, Tryptophan etc.
  • All kinds of Feed Additives - Toxin Binders , Mould Inhibitors , Acidifiers , Choline Chloride , Enzymes , Antibiotic Growth Promoters , etc.
  • All Kinds of Vitamin, Mineral Premixes customized and Ready to use premixes.

  • We promise:

    We commit to our clients of complete confidentiality, and value on their trust.

    • To work in close coordination with our clients and customers to meet the deliverables.
    • To execute each and every assignment diligently and with Integrity.
    • To provide value added expertise during and after every business.
    • To keep information of clients and customers confidential.
    • To treat each and every client & customer respectfully.

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